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Master Deck Officer Class-I Course Completion and Recommendation letters bestowal Ceremony

On Morning of 5th Sept 2018 at MMMC Deck Officer I Classroom, the Ceremony has been conducted for which the Candidates who are successfully completed in course of Master C.O.C class which reopened at June 2018, batch 38(1/2018).The Candidates are bestowed Course Completion and recommendation letters to each by Principal which are required in BOE Exam forms submitting at DMA.After that, the Lecturers who are involved in this Course gave guided and instructions speech to those Candidates. Next, Ko Myo Win Shein on behalf of Candidates who gave grateful and thankful speech back to all Lecturers and Principal. Master (Deck Officer Class-I) -38(1/2018) COC class has been reopened from 12th June 2018 to 31st August 2018 and attended four Candidates.

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