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Education and Training

Education and Training Department

Education & Training and Relevant Subject Departments are under Education & Training Department. There are two main academic departments and seven supporting academic departments under the Department of Education and Training.

Organizational Duties

Organizational duties of Education & Training Department is to provide practical and theoretical studies in accord with the IMO STCW’95 convention, and to conduct examinations for respective subjects, inspection and marking, publication of notes and research works on respective subjects.

1. Organizational duties of Training Division

In the Training Division, there are two sections, which are: the student’s affairs section and examination & convocation section.

2. Student’s Affairs Section

To analyze matters relating to admission, identity card, personal records, documentation records for each course.

3. Examination and Convocation Section

To analyze matters relating to examinations, announcement of results, convocation ceremonies, pass certificates and violation of examination rules.

4. Organizational duties of Library

To organize collection of books publications on navigation and marine engineering, books on respective professional subjects, magazines, newspapers and journals and to carry out research works, keep records of related news & information, print and publish relevant books and maintenance of teaching aids.

5. Organizational duties

To organize regular inspection on teaching aids, repair works, keeping spare parts.