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Class Room and Laboratory

Class Room and Laboratory

Class Room
Classroom Monitoring System

Classroom Monitoring System and CCTV is installed for ensuring a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for teachers and students at Myanmar Mercantile Marine College.

It helps to check the discipline and punctuality amongst students. The recording system can help keep track of teacher’s lectures and methodology in teaching.

English Language Lab

Language lab becomes a must to arouse the background knowledge of the learners of Englsih as s second language.  With the aid of language lab, the learners get familiar wih Marlin’s Tests which are essential for all seamen.

Chemistry Lab

The cadets will learn the laboratory skills needed to safe lab, proper handling of chemical reagents and Titrations.

In addition, The cadets will develop the ability to solve problems individually and collaboratively in chemistry – related contexts.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is aimed at getting knowledge and working experience concerning the basic application course.

It aims to provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in the lectures. It is important that the students have an opportunity to verity some of the idea for themselves.

Computer Lab

Computer lab provides cadets to attain essential computer skills and knowledge of how to use current software applications including MS Office.
In addition, cadets are introduced to basic programming language allow students to acquire basic to advanced technology skills.