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Administration and Management

Administration and Management Department

According to the organizational chart, it is made up of the Department of Administration & Management and the Department of Education & Training under the office of the Principal. There are three Divisions under the Department of Administration and Management as follows:

  1. Administration Division
  2. Account Division
  3. Residential Division

Organizational Duties

1. Administration & Management Division

Organizational duties of Administration & Management Division are to issue standing orders, in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations regarding service personnel affairs and administrative tasks, organize service personnel affairs, and advice an organization structure changes transfers.

2. Account Division

Organizational duties of Account Division are to carry out financial matters according to the allocated state budget and the porting of yearend financial account. In addition to the above organize pay & allowance of the service personnel and the collection of enrollment fees.

3. Residential Division

Organizational duties of Residential Division are to undertake maintenance and sanitation tasks for offices, buildings, compounds, electric power, water sanitation and health care services for students, further more undertakes matters relating to purchase of materials, maintenance of materials, issuance of materials, ,custom duties on imported materials, registration of vehicles, selling part of property, list cancellation, maintenance and repair of estates and buildings, efforts made for achieving new estates and buildings.